International Medical Device Sales Channel Development
International markets represent an early stage revenue opportunity for US based device manufacturers. Innovative products can be adopted for use in international markets well before they get any material "uptake" in the US.

We have over 10 years of experience in providing experienced executive teams to lead clients through the process of finding, qualifying, and getting their first multi-million dollar revenue from FDA and EU cleared devices. Our services are available from $8,000 (cheaper than an internal hire, and you get a team for that price) per month and include:

Finding local opinion leaders to establish trials of the product in major hospital groups.
Negotiating pricing, terms, and payment mechanisms such as LCs (negotiating these with both your customer, and your CFO.)
Working with local regulatory groups and consultants to obtain local import and sales approvals.
Building trusting relationships with distributors and customers across cultural barriers.
Getting early stage revenue for cleared devices in medical tourism markets.
Management of internal product compliance testing  to support local regulatory standards.
Channel Markup
Medical device distributors expect to make between 35% and 45% markup on your products.
Off-Label Marketing
Local standards vary. It is important to understand the restrictions in international markets.

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