Due Diligence / M&A Advisory Services
A Confidential M&A advisory engagement is typically initiated by boards, bankers, or top management for the following scenarios:
Shopping for a bargain on a technology portfolio to complement their firm's existing product lines.
Evaluating a potential investment / acquisition of a product line that will complement an existing business unit.
Evaluating a would-be investment / acquisition of a product line that will substantially replace an existing business unit.
Determining the best fit for an "acquirable" new product line within an existing business.

Evaluating a potential investment / acquisition of a product line that will become an entirely new line of business.

Evaluating a potential acquisition is a disastrous distraction for the acquisitive firm. Regardless of the likely benefits of an acquisition, the complex agendas that come into play with an internal review of a target firm can detract substantially from the payback of a deal.

A successful M&A or strategic investment deal will involve only top management and will minimally distract other executives. We have developed a confidential turnkey review package to provide acquisitive firms with the timely and unbiased information they need to value and properly execute a deal. The entire review is completed in one month or less. Typical due diligence engagement details are available for download here (80k )

What is due diligence?
Due diligence (DD) is the process of making sure that things are as they appear. In an M&A situation everyone gets excited and there is tremendous pressure to get to a deal. Think of DD as pre-marital background check and counseling. It’s not always nice, but mergers are a lot more difficult to dissolve than a marriage.
M&A Advice
We offer M&A advisory services to lead the M&A process and coordinate your legal, accounting, and financial teams' review of a target company. This includes developing a post-merger management plan, org chart, and operating budget.

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