Interim Executives
We offer interim executive services when a retained model is not enough.
If your firm is transitioning between business models, integrating newly acquired product lines, launching a new product line, or prior to the need for a full time executive; this may be the best solution.
Our consultants or affiliates will serve as interim officers or mid-level managers and present themselves as members of your company to industry analysts, presentation audiences, and customers. Sample engagements include:

Interim CEO:

Leads realignment of a business unit at the direction of the board. Evaluates potential for future investment or exit strategy, oversees realignment of executive team or wind-up of firm.
To inquire about an interim executive from our staff or network of affiliates please contact us to schedule a confidential call.

Interim VP Marketing:

Leads implementation of marketing processes across the entire organization at the direction of the board / CEO. We provide hands on marketing leadership, working closely with technology teams and existing sales management to coordinate a strategic vision with tactical / measurable results.

Interim VP Engineering:

Establishes engineering development milestones and reporting structures. Evaluates vendors / partners / technical staff. Coaches technical staff through the resolution of technical issues, monitors product development and makes optimal trade offs between completion dates and performance milestones.

Interim Sales Engineer:

Assists in the development of technical proposals. Establishes acceptance test procedures for delivery of final product. Works directly with sales staff to assist customers in understanding and implementing solutions based on the firm's products.

Interim Marketing Communications manager:

Establishes Marketing Communications objectives, vendor networks, graphic templates, trade show / conference schedule. Manages development of advertising content and coordinates with editorial calendars. Drafts press releases, insures press releases are sent to relevant constituencies and provide contact point for media inquiries.

Outsourced Executives
It’s not a new idea, it started with CFO and CIO outsourcing; we apply the same efficient model to CMO outsourcing.


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