Strategic Assessment
A Product Marketing Strategic Assessment is a process that involves a synthesis of knowledge. It is seldom something that can be accomplished by one person regardless of their experience level.
We use a process that involves:
       At least two principal consultants
      Your own executives
       Customers & Potential Industry Partners
       Networks of our and your industry connections
This scope provide a vast knowledge base; we provide the objectivity, experience and maturity to synthesize the views of a range of industry perspectives. The result is a snapshot of your firm’s current position, and a solid understanding of its strategic competencies to direct toward future product or service offers.
A detailed description of a Product Marketing Audit and Strategic Assessment is available for download here.
Product or Service?
If the deliverable (not including manuals) hurts when you drop it on your toe it is a product. Otherwise it is a service. We provide marketing solutions for both.
Aiming at something, or with something?
Most start-ups begin aiming with something: a technology, process, or new product, without thoroughly considering what they are aiming at. That’s a fine way to start, but it’ll never finish in first place. We can find the optimal target for whatever you are aiming with; or help fill the gaps in your plan to help you hit what you are aiming at.

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