Tactical Marketing
Our tactical marketing support services complete a detailed list of measurable objectives that are typical of a marketing organization.
These include objectives in the areas of:
Trade show and conference management
Sales Training Materials
Product Roadmaps
Joint Application Development (JAD) session facilitation
Development and Maintenance of collateral material including web page messages,video demonstrations, and graphic development
Press releases and media point of contact support
Speaking opportunity management and presentation drafting
Engineering progress review / monitoring

The services are generally provided in a group under a retainer to provide a complete outsourced product marketing department. The complete list of objectives might be a handy tool for setting objectives for your current marketing resources. You can download a detailed description of these objectives here.
Product Roadmap
A roadmap doesn’t change every week. It looks forward at least 4 quarters and sets objectives for the development organization.
Tactical vs. Strategic
Tactical objectives are defined tasks to be accomplished to move the company to its next milestone.
Strategic efforts establish an environment and context such that the next tactical objective is obvious to everyone in the organization.

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