About Us
Our engineers and affiliates apply tough / skeptical analysis, with proven marketing, management, and planning techniques to create product plans and marketing missions that combine the emerging needs of customers with the innate competencies of your organization.

Our firm was founded on the principles of making technology marketing tangible, easy to evaluate, and economically effective. We know how to produce puffery when required, and we understand that successful marketing requires both substance and appearance.

Benefits to our customers:

You firm can start its marketing and business development initiatives earlier, at a less than full time commitment to bridge the gap between lead generation and sales.

We use a team of consultants and industry affiliates on every engagement.

Unlike most consultants, we bring the resources and credibility of an entire firm to bear on your problems.

You’ll never be plagued by “contractor as employee issues” as can happen with
 individual consultants.

We let you bring an experienced executive into your team, without the political implications of adding a full time executive.



About Us

Affiliated Consultants


Engineering meets Marketing

We make marketing an applied science; the same thing engineers do with physics.

Not worried about competition?

Competition is not a problem when no one is buying from anybody.
It becomes a very real problem when buying increases, and you are 6-12 months behind in marketing presence.


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