Business Development
Biz Dev (Business Development) Services help a product line get established in a market segment. Development work takes patience, follow-up, and persistence to complete. It does not often require or support a full time executive, that is why our outsourced model works.

Biz Dev accomplishments include:

       OEM partnerships
      Developing International Sales Channels
       Orchestrating deals involving distributors, importers, and major account buyers
       Negotiating technology licensing deals
       Bid and Proposal development
       Investor / Analyst presentations
       Trade show and conference representation

The services are generally provided under a retainer with a pre-defined bonus paid from revenue generated as a result of the engagement.
Dev Guy
The "dev guy" differs from a "Salesman" in that he does not have a quota, is not bound by selling from a defined list of offers, and is expected to initiate efforts to create new offers, secure revenue based partnerships and new business.
His time horizon is generally 3-5 quarters or 2-4 times the sales cycle.
(please pardon our use of the male pronoun, Fowler says it is regrettably accepted.)

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