What is a Marketing Plan?

Everyone has a marketing plan; we build, fix, and maintain them for a living. Surprisingly few executives actually can define a marketing plan when asked. Here is a primer to help establish a basis for understanding how marketing works in a modern firm, and how organizations are evolving to accomplish their strategic marketing needs while accommodating their overhead budget constraints. Download the whitepaper (PDF format) here.

Market Plan Engineering is a Strategic corporate consultancy  technology and biz dev at an appropriate and affordable level of engagement.
We use experienced marketing and business development  your business strategy and your technology, and can help your company survive, succeed, and grow.

     Strategically Launch new products, or expand products to new markets and channels strategic
     Strategically "Productize" your capabilities into solutions your customers can purchase
     Strategically Develop a product strategy that brings value to customers and revenue to your firm strategy
    Strategically  Identify and evaluate Strategic  acquisition targets, or make your company an attractive Strategic target
We provide planning, process, and discipline for your Strategic  marketing dollars. By buying the marketing function from us, your company can cut below-the-line costs strategy



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