Practice Areas
These charts give an idea of our industry sectors and practice areas by principals and affiliates. This list changes frequently. If the sector you are in is not listed, check with us anyway, we may simply have classified it under a broader area.

We have broken this out by functions and technology / industry sectors.

Functional Areas of Expertise MPE Principals Industry Affiliates University Affiliates
Marcom Program Development X X
Advertising Campaign Management (Internet) X X
Advertising Campaign Management (Print) X X
Trade Show / Conference Management X X
Editorial Content Relationships X X X
Analyst Briefing X X X
Paper / Speech Ghost Writing X X X
Demo development / scripting X X X
Sales Training X X X
Sales Management X X
Sales Engineering X X
Web Site Content Writing X X
Web Site Development X X X
Data Sheet / Sales Collateral Development X X
Bid / Proposal Writing / Evaluation X X X
SBIR Proposal Development X X
Systems Engineering X X X
Rep. Channel Management (domestic) X X
Rep. Channel Management (international) X X
Hardware Product Engineering X X
Manufacturing / Design Transition X X
Competitive Analysis X X X
IP, Provisional Patent Review X X X
Roadmap / Life Cycle Management X X X
Market Requirements Document (MRD) X X
Pricing Strategy X X
Cost estimating X X
Financial Analysis (pro forma modeling) X X
Project Scheduling / Management X X
Interim Sales Engineeer X
Interim VP Marketing X
Interim VP Sales X
Interim CEO, COO X
Technical / Industry Areas of Expertise
Technical / Industry Areas of Expertise MPE Principals Industry Affiliates University Affiliates
Network Management X X X
Semiconductors (Logic) X X X
Semiconductors (RF and Analog) X X X
Optical Networks X X X
Cable TV Transport X X
Broadband Access Technologies X X X
Servers X X X
Network Architectures X X X
Streaming Media X X X
Healthcare (hospital) Products X
Lab / Measurement Products X X X
Satellite Communications X X
Healthcare Management Software X
BioTech / Pharmaceuticals X X X
Medical Devices (pre or post 510(k)) X X X
Automobile Aftermarket Products X X
Web Based Communities X X
Machine Vision Systems / Applications X X X
Material Handling Systems / Automation X X X
Data Center Architectures / Automation X X X
Complex Software Algorithms X X X
Product Compliance Testing X X
Oil Field Services X X
Petroleum Distribution X X
Retail Small Business Systems X X
Environmental Remediation X X X
Enterprise Software X X X
Artificial Intelligence X X
Embedded Processors / Filters X X X
Broadcast (Video and Data) X X
Unix Server Administration X X X
Set Top Boxes / Home Gateways X X
Wireless LAN (802.11x) X X X
Wireless MAN (802.16) X X X
Network Security Products X X X
Cable Industry Expertise X X
MPEG Video Broadcast X X
International Infrastructure Projects X X
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Consumer Goods
"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."
H. L. Mencken
Quality by Process
We apply the same processes across a number of industry sectors. This helps us keep costs down, while giving our customers a better understanding of what they can expect from us. In the 90’s this process oriented approach was called TQM (Total Quality Management). We are not sure what it is called today, but we know it works.


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